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Telephony and Cable Replacement Protocol

Telephony Control protocol - Binary (TCS Binary or TCS BIN), a bit oriented protocol, defines the call control signaling for the establishment of speech and data calls between Bluetooth devices.

In addition, it defines mobility management procedures for handling groups of Bluetooth TCS devices. TCS Binary is specified in the Bluetooth Telephony Control protocol Specification Binary, which is based on the ITU-T Recommendation Q.931, applying the symmetrical provisions as stated in Annex D of Q.931


RFCOMM is a serial line emulation protocol and is based on ETSI 07.10 ( European Telecommunications Standardization Institute ) specification. This ~Scable replacement~T protocol emulates RS-232 control and data signals over Bluetooth baseband, providing both transport capabilities for upper level services (e.g. OBEX) that use serial line as transport mechanism. RFCOMM is specified in.

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