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Domain Names

Domain Name refers to the name your site will have, e.g., They are available from as low as $7 for a year. You may choose any domain name for your website as long as it is unique; it should not be taken somebody before you. The name can only contain letters, numbers and hyphen symbol. The name you choose is very much going to be the signature of your website so look at these aspects before making a choice.

.com .org .net ???

The domain name is composed of a few words separated by dots. The last part of the domain name is referred to as the top-level domain. The three popular top-level domains were created to serve the most likely business. .com is meant for commercial websites, .org for organizations and .net for network based websites like those for ISPs. However, these are just guidelines. A profit making company may have a .org domain-name and the other way round.

Choose a top-level domain name which goes with the spirit of the website. Think of the impact the name will have on a likely user of your site when he hears it. In the last few years, a large of other top-domains have also been made available. E.g., .info, .biz, .tv etc. If the website is of purely commercial nature, a .com name looks more suitable. If you are making a website to disseminate information on a subject, then .info may be more appropriate.


The name of the website creates the first impression in the surfers mind and requires a little creativity. A good domain name should be easy to remember and yet it should summarize the content of the website. A good name will be


Domain names also play a role in driving traffic to your website. Formulate a name with keywords which a user is likely to search for in a search engine.

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