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Find the Best

How to find the best in consumer electronics.

Find the Best Flat Panel TV's

What are the different types of LCD/Plasma TV's and what to keep in mind when buying one. 

Find the Best Camcorders

Digital video camcorders have made shooting and editing a movie a simple affair for many. A decade back, one had very limited options, not so anymore! You head to buy one and you find the counters are flooded with various models of digital camcorders from different manufacturers, each with an array of features and formats. Now comes the most difficult part: choosing the best camcorder one that rightly fits your purpose and budget.

Find the Best Digital Cameras

Today people are switching over from film cameras to digital camera models. The obvious reasons for shifting to digital cameras are the ease with which objects are framed and shot, pictures are stored, recorded, and displayed. To top it all you can download from digital cameras at the comfort of your home and print the pictures.

Find the Best Tablets

The best Tablets are the most portable and effective way to Web access, being much lighter and smaller than netbooks but with much larger screens than smart phones. Screen sizes are of best value at around 10 inches; a great display size to work with, without weighing more than 1.5 lb.Tablets today provide high performance and use operating systems specifically made for touch-screens, the most popular among them being Apple’s iOS and Android and are 3G enabled to facilitate Web access through a mobile SIM card.

Find the Best CellPhones

Best Motorola Smartphone

Motorola's Razr series currently tops their smartphone selection, with their superior configurations and large screens. Typically Motorola smart phones deploy Android rather than any other OS, but you can have your pick with it's versions, since Motorola's smart phones support  Android 2.3 and 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) as well as Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). What's more, the best of these smartphones also support the Android's latest 4.1 and 4.2 (Jelly Bean) upgrade.


Find the Best Printers

Printers play the role of converting the data stored in electronic form in a computer or in a digital camera into hardcopy of documents. Printers are of different types (inkjet / laser / photo), come from different manufacturers (Cannon / Epson / HP / Xerox) in different shapes and sizes, with different technologies and also with different accessories attached to them. 

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